Our Conversions are precise

ChromaSwap© AI Algorithmic Process
Conversion Accuracy 99%
Speed and Efficiency 90%
Sucessful Conversions 100%

Accurate Conversions based on Data Analysis

We don't convert randomly. Proper data anlaysis is required prior to any conversion, in order to optimize your services colorblind-friendliness. Based on the target audience you have, their visual needs and the assessment of your visual material we deterimine which parts of your content needs improvement, in what way, and we convert it.

ChromaSwap© AI Algorithmic Process

In order to maximize the efficiency of our conversion services we have developed a patented (pending) conversion algorithm based on Image Processing techniques and Machine Learing / Deep Learning for optimal conversions of confusing colors to distinguishable from both the colorblind and the normal vision people.

Our conversions are scientifically valid

We come in contact with ophthalmologists, medical societies and the National Kapodistrian University of Athens - School of Medicine from Greece to validate that our conversions are working perfectly. Our conversion techniques are guaranteed to be colorblind friendly thus providing legitimate colorblind-friendly conversion techniques for our clients.

Colors for Everyone - Conversions for Everything

Our process covers all the known types of colorblindness: Protanopia, Deuteranopia, Tritanopia. We cover all types of static visual material such as but not limited to: Word Documents, PDFs, Excel sheets, Presentations, Images, Books, Maps, Logos and Graphics

Our Conversion Success

Our service offers clients the ability to change their documents and presentation colors (eg. statistics, infographics, afvertisements) to color-blind friendly colors easily dishtinguishable for both people with normal vision and CVD. As a result distributable material, e-books, notes, statistics and coloured information is easily understood and clear.

See how we Swap your colors with colorblind-friendly ones

Before Conversion
After Conversion
Can you see the numbers in both plates? Which is more distinct to perceive? Imagine a graph using such colors!
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ChromaSwap is here to help you becoming colorblind-friendly

We are the first conversion service into colorblind-friendly material, an award winning company for the social care and needs. Your success in guaranteed.


We may arrange a meeting to visualise your targets and strategy to become colorblind-friendly at a sustainable and resourceful way

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