Analytics and Statistics

Becoming colorblind-friendly means that you first have to know your colorbind audience. Learn their needs, what type of color vision deficiency do they have, their colorblindness intensity so as to provide the maximum support.

  • We collect data from your audience via accessible online tests
  • We analyze them at a privacy-compiant unified database
  • We maximize your service accesibility via efficient insight
Vector Statistics

Review and Assessment

According to the data we have collected we review your visual material and via image processing we determine whether your color-coded information uses combinations that are colorblind unfriendly. You recieve an analytic review and score on colorblind-friendliness in combination with suggestions, professional consulting, and behavior towards your colorblind audience.

  • We process your color-coded content securely
  • We review them via advanced image recognition and acesss your content
  • We provide you consulting and suggestions on colorblind-friendly solutions

Targeted Conversions

We convert your colorblind unfriendly practices via our medically verified and patented ChromaSwap© AI Algorithmic Process easily and secure. Your content will be certified as colorblind-friendly and will be accessible by your colorblind audience. We will keep our services up-to-date for newer conversions from our customers

  • Verified ChromaSwap© Image Processing conversions
  • Easily, secure and sustainable solution for your business
  • Certify that you are colorblind-friendly towards your audience
ChromaSwap Single Logo

350.000.000 people worldwide struggle distinguishing colors

Take into consideration the visual needs of your colorblind audience. There are people that need you to cater for them.

Colors Messages

The Solution is ChromaSwap

ChromaSwap for Education

1 out of 24 young students at each class struggle everyday distinguishing colors. It is each school's mission to ensure theat the educartional material has proper color shades so as every student can participate and engage actively.

ChromaSwap for Business

5% of Target Audience is lost due to colorblind-unfriendly marketing practices which signifies a significant loss of profit. To ensure that we get the maximum out of your business and emloyees, smart businesses should use smart colours.

ChromaSwap for the People

Your needs is our only priority. If you are a patient of CVD and struggle distinguishing colors whenever you come across graphic data and content make sure to use our services to have and make your document clear and understood.

The first complete B2B B2G solution towards a sustainable colroblind-friendly strategy

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