Get to know your colorblind audience

You need the proper data before doing any conversion

Without having the right data to plan your colorblind strategy, your will be like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. Ensure that you have the right data about your clients and audience before you procceed to any colorblind friendly solution.

ChromaSwap is here for you

We offer you the right data and tools to start building up your colorblind friendly approach. We provide you online verified colorblindness tests which allow us to determine the type and intensity of a participants colorblindness. All data is safely secured at a GDPR-compliant database and after proper data analysis, we provide you the right strategy to follow

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Male Inherited Colorblindness
Female Inherited Colorblindness

Colorblindness is mostly sex-linked and predictable by us

Colorblindness follows mostly a genetical predictable pattern that allow us to predict whether a person has colorblindness or not. Males are affected due to lack of double XX chromosome, in contrast with women. Usually is passed by a grandfather to his grandson, whereas the mother is an unaffected carrier. When manaing a greater population, by solving a stochastic propability problem, if we detect a colorblind user, by knowing his geneological tree we can predict the possible colorblinds of the family. The more the participants, the greater accuracy our predictions are.

Certified online tests accessible by anyone

We subject your audience into online colorblindness tests, that are easy to take even for children of young age. We offer a digital version of the certified Ishihara Test, approved by ophthalmologists around the globe, that when taken will store results at a Database accessible by you. With the proper data manipulation, we can provide you a sustainable colorblind-friendly strategy for your enterprise needs.

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ChromaSwap is here to help you becoming colorblind-friendly

We are the first conversion service into colorblind-friendly material, an award winning company for the social care and needs. Your success in guaranteed.


We may arrange a meeting to visualise your targets and strategy to become colorblind-friendly at a sustainable and resourceful way

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