We analyze and detect unfriendly content

We review your visual material based on colorblind-friendliness

We use advanced image processing techniques to determine the colorblind-friendliness index of your material. That is calculated by taking into consideration such as but not limited to: the combination of colorblind unfriendly colors together, the information they are linked to, the coverage [%] on the material, their usage frequency etc.

You want to know what needs to be converted or not

Not all visual material is colorblind unfriendly. The presence of a confusing color combination might not be an obstacle for colorblinds to understand if it is not linked to a certain color-coded information. We analyze whether a graphic is worth converting or not and provide suggestions to your next steps.

Verify that you are colorblind-friendly

If your content does not need any further adjustment or conversion, it can be verified as colorblind-friendly material and elligible for usage amongst colorblind people. Make sure that you use our ChromaSwap© Analysis and Conversion services to ensure 99% satisfaction from the colorblind community.

Cater for the colorblind needs

Everyone should take into consideration the need of proper distinguishable colors for the colorblind people. Schools and Institutions should take deeply into consideration in adapting a colorblind-friendly strategy.

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ChromaSwap is here to help you becoming colorblind-friendly

We are the first conversion service into colorblind-friendly material, an award winning company for the social care and needs. Your success in guaranteed.


We may arrange a meeting to visualise your targets and strategy to become colorblind-friendly at a sustainable and resourceful way

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